Monday, October 09, 2006

Suffer the Honda Civic

The world hates me =(

I am selling my bike to buy a car, i want to buy a car, i have always wanted a Civic 3-door and the rotting sods have put one in full view to taunt me everyday. The loons want 80000 rand for it which is so far beyond my budget that it could be said to be in another galaxy almost. The fates give you a cool flat with one and then dangle, DANGLE i tell you, a Civic with the other. Bastards.

Made level 40 finally and have not played since....mmmmhhhhhh i wonder.

I also watched Lord of War and Syriana over the weekend. Lord of war was kinda cool and i am not sure i fully understood Syriana so i can't really comment.

Anyway i feel feint and need food.


At Monday, October 09, 2006, Anonymous pinkthulhu said...

Check out the Wow Burning Crusade Collector's Edition!

If you're gonna get a Honda, get one of these babies!


At Tuesday, October 10, 2006, Blogger evo.llusion said...

That would certainly sort out the traffic problem.



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