Friday, September 22, 2006

Have stove, will call butlers o.O

I might just be growing up (NEVER). I am now the proud owner of a washing machine. I console myself with the fact that i have no idea how to use it. The stove is marginally less intimidating and i managed to boil some potatoes last night and actually eat them (they tasted quite good.)

There is more to this growing up phenomena though. I am selling my bike =( because i am starting to feel that it is less than practical. I also don't want to die, what with the traffic getting worse by the day. People thinking that the "It is illegal to operate you cellphone while driving law" is optional and just generally not paying any attention to anyone else on the roads. Maybe they don't realize that a fender bender for me is broken bones (yes i have said that before). Well anyway the bike is being serviced and will soon be on the market.

To add to my shame i wore combat boots the other day, not for street cred or to make a statement or any of those highly acceptable reasons, but because i was on site and those are the only shoes that handle 1 foot of soft clay very well.

Oh well guess it just has to be.....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Not again !!!

I am really wondering why i do these things anymore. I either get some wimpish angel or a mermaid. I should probably stop posting them too.

Go ahead.

Let the mocking begin....


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Post post post post

Just looked at the date of my last post. Looooooooooooong time ago. Work has just been crazy and i am talking about fish eye kinda crazy. Well with deadlines being pulled forward and the contractor wanting well everything on day one, makes for fun times.

Some helpful information: My Uncle visited my mom the other day in Pringle bay and came through the dreaded Richmond area to get there. Now Richmond has always been know for its traffic cops with frikking laser traps and other goodies to catch you speeding. Everyone either knows someone whose been caught, has been caught or has been in the car when its nailed. We they have upped the game and now have roadblocks too (this is a choice between two task blah blah....) Sadly for my uncle his drivers license had expired when he was caught in said roadblock. Thus incurring a fine which was broken down as follows: Driving with an expired license R500 of course because the license was expired this mean that he is infact was driving WITHOUT a license too...... a further R900 please. Grand total R900. So the moral of the story is if your license is expired don't carry it and hopefully you will just get the driving without fine.

House warming: I had a house warming (oh sometime) to which people came and had fun and drank (weeeeeeelllll i did a lot of drinking anyway) Fun was had, things was discussed. We even looked up the workings of Turbo fans vs Turbo props. Well i think we did anyway...

Polish Xmas in (oh give trying to keep track of when it was supposed to be): Was great and very very very filling. i do think the Jo's imitation of a priagi sneaking down the corridor at the dead of night has put me of them for awhile..... at least till next time. The soup was great.
Yay gifts were given and received with much amusement and eating of chocolate =))

Random crap while trawling the net:
The official rules for calling shotgun

Funny things: Someone has put up the word SMILE on the bridge just before the camera trap at the Cape Town end of DeWaal drive. This got a giggle...

WoW: Level 32 Druid, travel form rocks that is all i have to say.