Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I found that on a urban slang dictionary. It is used to describe a very very new noob or as a extra special insult to an experienced player. It is cute so i am using it now to describe my shiny new widescreen that i got at the office. SHINY NOOBLET..........erm is it just me or did that sound rude.

I didn't know my desk was actually this big. Of course when new things arrive one tends to do a spring clean so that may have something to do with it. Because of the hugeness of the monitor and the vast tracks of desk i now have, my keyboard appears to small. It is a compact one, but it looks and feels even more compacty than usual.

My bond was also registered today so it is all official and final now. My own place or at least the banks place which i pay lots of money to live in. Ha but still awesomely coooooool. The asking permission for a party is a bit much though, but some people never learn and play Bob Sinclaire at full blast and full bass till 2 in the morning. How ever much i like Bob, i like my sleep too and most times you could detonate a nuke next to me and it won't bother me. Bass on the other hand tends to go straight through walls and i like my bed to remain stationary.......for sleeping =) and to those of you who have seen my bed it will take a small heard of rhinos to make it move.

Alas all that is lacking now is the DSL connection and much WoW catching up. All my cohorts are streaking ahead of me. Although sometimes i think some of them have saline IVs to keep them going. Soon, helkom has promised me that it will be in over the next 7 working days. So knowing them it will go in on the 7th (as long as there is no resting) which of course thanks to Dr Aloysius means 9 days actually. that is about 9 levels give or take. *sigh* my levelling curve has been seriously flattened over the last few months with all these moves. This has given me a chance to finish "Kafka on the Shore", which may or may not be a good thing. Therapy may be required to get through that one.

DRAGONFIRE this weekend woot, hopefully work will not interrupt things. Perhaps instead of just sitting around this time i may actually roleplay =)) Should any of that require more than a few words in my handwriting i will abstain though. I had to fill out some issue slips this morning. SPIDER + ICESKATES + INK = WTF? since when is floor spelt with 2 r's or maybe it is n. Flon that could be it.



At Thursday, August 17, 2006, Anonymous pinkthulhu said...

Lol @ florr! :)


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