Friday, July 21, 2006

new in the news

Well it has been awhile and i am sitting in the office bored out of my skull. The weather is crap too so no walking around long street.

Katalith, Ork_khrist, HoleyCrusader, Dystopia, Synkronos and myself jetted of to icon last weekend. Somehow the apathy bug must have been on the kite with us cause most of us really did not feel like doing much while there. Although HoleyCrusader, Synkronos did have a go at the magice tournies. God there really are some dicks that play magic (not us of course). Cheeseman was his surname i believe *snigger* i don't care to remember the other knob's name. Synk and i did okay in the trio game, but do to time constraints we pulled out. HC and i did meh on the two headed giant though. We kept making silly mistakes and getting our critters burnonated. Synk did come away with some nice coldsnap cards =)

Katalith made out like a bandit with figurines though and some styling new T-shirt goodness. Although on the return a cloud appeared over the lootie goodness with some nork taking her bag by mistake. Thank the powers that he/she/it realised and it has been returned. YAY !!!!!!!!!
A special must be made for Ork_khrist on winning second place in the Cthulu GM sections. You rock bean =)))))))))))

I got a mug.....

In other exciting events my fav. won survivor in the grand finale on Tuesday night and regardless of what anyone says i think she played pretty well. HC of course was rooting for Steph (the defiler of rituals and taunting of Gods). Thanks to the hospitality of the Human Jean project for feeding me and a letting come over =)

In even more exciting and fantastic events. I move to my new place next week friday. Just in time to because i think prolonged use of my shower at the moment is starting to have some effects that are not nearly as cool as the comic books make out. Water and electricity do, i repeat, do not turn you in the Flash. They give you neck ache.

TONIGHT I RETURN TO AZEROTH. Time to play a real character for awhile.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Woooohooooo, anyone wanna drop 75 large on some high speed action. Works out R2500 per minute. You do get to burn money at 900km/h.

JUDD is gone gone gone, the tribe has spoken and you are the leaskest wink. YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie was a fool though. All bets are off now. Every man/woman for themselves now i reckon. Cindy & Mindy were just plain disturbing though. We where wondering if they switched out, would anyone notice.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Public admissions

I have been maintaining for awhile now that the new Bravia advert by Sony is pure digital. Turns out that it isn't. They actually fired 250,000 coloured bouncy balls down a San Fransico street. 5..4..3..2..1 Fire. What a job, imagine that you get to setup and fire 250k of bouncy balls down a street............and get paid for it.

In more disturbing news stay away from Cadburys for awhile perhaps. Millions of chocolate bars might be infected with salmonella. This is in the UK though, so we should be safe. I may go beacon for now though.

In other engineering / evil dictator news, China has completed its new railway line into Tibet. World opinion is that this will further undermine the Tibetan culture. Judging from China's past history in the region...............mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh.

Good weekend all.