Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fire in the hole.........or hold

for some reason that is well beyond my understanding i have that phrase stuck in my head. I thought i should probably find out where it comes from and which ones is correct. Well according to the interweb they seem to both have well grounded backing.

"Fire in the hole" could be a term used often in mining. The charges are placed in holes drilled along the tunnel walls. The fuse wire tended to extend well out of this hole so that the guy lighting it could be far away when he lit it. Hence the term "Fire in the hole" means imminent explosion. The only problem i have with this one is that if someone calls that and you are not in a well cast shield spell you're screwed.

"Fire in the hold" was of course from old warships. If there were to be a fire on the canon decks badness would ensue. Gunpowder + fire - canon = BOOOOOOOM and not in a good way.

All of the above does not get it out of my head though. It is like having a tune stuck in your head only its shorter.

The broken car mentioned in a previous post has been mended and i am off the hook *sigh of relief* I just happened to be the one driving it when the well FUBAR clutch plate decided to call it quits. The guy at the service shop said it was in more than a few pieces. Not something that just happens. Saves me 3K *phew*


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