Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Time machine

My inter-dimensional electro hydro time traveller is getting dismantled tomorrow. So i better get the lotto numbers tonight

Zang, DSL goes in tomorrow and i have the modem all shiny and waiting for the techie. Let telkom just try and blame it not working on the modem. Ha ha. My cunning scares even me..........

Survivor tonight and i forgot to post some lame comment about the last one. I will say one thing (in my humble opinion) Traitors should go first. Anyone willing to switch sides that fast is a liability. Not to mention his ego being a danger in challenges, he should have swapped out at war club 4. This is of course why i don't play well with others.


At Wednesday, May 17, 2006, Blogger zenstar said...

i don't think tribe alliances are a smart idea. you're all mixed up. learn to play with the new boys and girls.
what should be happening now is the secret alliances where x & y team up, bring along z (planning to drop him/her later) and just to bulk up the numbers: promise good things to a until a is no longer useful.
sticking to old tribe alliances this early is just stupid and leaves too much to chance.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006, Blogger evo.llusion said...

I actually concur, i just don't like Jud, Jed, Judas. Whatever his name is. I still think he is a liability. The old alliance was stupid though. They should have worked harder to get more people onto their side. They just sat there feeling comfortable with the old agreements. But i would make a crappy survivor player anyway. My temperament is just not suited. =)


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