Monday, May 15, 2006

Phase 1 completed !!

Had to do a mad rush back home this morning to go and let Telkom in to the flat so the techie could install the line. This would be pre-phase one (the phase that even Telkom forgot to tell me about) turns out the guy only got the works order this morning. Anyway as a result phase 1 was completed too. This getting of the modem. Now phase 2, the installation of the actual DSL line. Lets just hope that the guy without the appointment, who managed to get there, does not bode ill for the guy with the appointment. Modem is wifi too, yay !!!!

In other news went through to a LAN at Dave's house on saturday night. Played lots and lots of DotA, not convinced that it is the game for me. This could be more a result of the competitive "spirit" that was permeating the room. I will say no more...

Watched MI:3 on sunday. I enjoyed it, although it really is getting impossible and who came up with Impossible mission force. Just as well their agents can kick your arse into next tuesday.
Otherwise there would be much sniggering i thinks.
I am curious about shooting something up a nose into the brain,
yet not killing the shootee.

Check out the cool pavement art done by Julian Beever


At Tuesday, May 16, 2006, Blogger zenstar said...

that art rocks.
i've seen it before.
its amazing to see it from the other side to see how he actually makes them 3d.

as for dota:
i've heard a lot about it (synk and yancke start speaking in tongues whenever they're near each other) but i've never played it.
it sounds fun but being a newbie sounds detrimental to your team (listening to said tongues) and you need to memorise builds and charts of weapons and their stats etc...
maybe if i got in in the begining, but i don't think i'll start now.


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