Friday, May 05, 2006

Fruitcakes & old friends


Interesting week......................

Someone looked me up on skype and i have been chatting with them for the past week. Turns out they have no clue who i am and were just bored. Then again maybe it is someone i know and they are just messing with my fragile mind. Bastards !!!

Anyway they are nuts and now well blocked. On the flip side seeing as she/he/it could find me i thought i might start plugging in some names from school and got a hit. Someone i have not see or spoken to in like 5 years or something. The world is small after all.

Survivor update: I concur with the vote this time round. If that was trying her best then i hate to see what happens if she is not interested. Hey look at me i make a good impression of a wet fish (should have smacked her with a frozen fish)

RPG: Rooke is BACK wooohoooo and he kicks ass, yeah orge smackdown. Of course it was pointed out to me that if the giant had actually closed i would have been squishy like wood glue. For now just call me ARTILLERY, big honking explosive lighting bolt artillery. I do owe all this to maximise & twin spell. They are the casbaar nevermind rocking it. Yeah so they use slots higher up, maxed out magic missile still doing 25 damage (When they hit of course, bloody displacer beasts with the blinkyness) ooooooo and twinned orb of electricity, lessor. Gimme 8d8 or something silly like that. 3 of those and it is smarting.*

Happy weekend all =) I think i am going to go buy a PS2

*This does not give the DM the right to smack me back to last thursday. There will be no reaping of whirlwinds or any other such movie cliched nonsense.


At Monday, May 08, 2006, Blogger zenstar said...

woo... join the ps2 family
get hold of scIII and learn to kick some ass.
btw: you still haven't explained the gimp reference.
and you should look into the eldrich knight prestige class (if you're dnd 3.5)
ok, you pause a level of spellcaster, but you begin to rock as a spellcaster/fighter. especially if you have another "pure" spellcaster in the background.
boost yourself with spells then roxxor the enemy with a massive whack-pole with pointy bits on the end! make owie good!


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