Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I will survive*

I have been pretty much in hibernation these last few weeks, even though it is still autumn. Decided to get a head start. I have finished off S7 of Buffy and even ventured into the realm that is Angel (kicked puppy) and now i must get the other seasons.

Watched a few other DVD's too, finally got to watch Hero. Strange movie, but very pretty. I was not expecting the English though.
Watched the Bourne & Mummy sets again and Dune (still a classic) "Father, Father the sleeper has awakened" great stuff. On Tuesday i decided to see if there was anything worth watching in TV again and lo and behold there is Survivor Guatemala or some desolate island/tropical jungle. So settled in to watch, after having had a good break from it by not watching the last two seasons. I only have one thing to say "Men are wimps"*

I am starting to get the shakes from lack of WoW though. It has been like 3 weeks since my last fix and it is starting to tell. Hopefully recharge cards will arrive soon and i can have something to talk about again.

In more real world news I should be relocating from the Human Jean Biosphere this weekend to my new shoebox in Rondies.....Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't post anything about the series that has not yet been on TV. I don't want a repeat of the Gareth "Star idiot" Cliff balls up.


At Thursday, April 20, 2006, Anonymous pinkthulhu said...

Grats! Where is your new place?

Hit level 56 in Wow, but my right mouse click isnt working after the new patch!!!


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