Wednesday, April 26, 2006


What to write, what to write........................

Sometimes blogging feels a bit like a gigapet or something. If you don't update it then your consciuos starts going at you. 'Feed the blog, feed the blog'

My relocation got a little delayed on Saturday as I attended a funeral in the morning. Needless to say after that i was not really in the mood to relocate. However as it only took me half and hour i decided to get it out of the way. So i am no installed in my new shoebox with pencil case kitchen. It is quite an adjustment, first from having the run of W&J place to this and also i am not sure about living in someone's back garden. Strikes me as odd. The family is very nice and have offered all assistance above and beyond the call of duty. I guess they are used to having students (who happen to be friends of their daughter) living there and seem to have taken the same tack with me. We shall see how it goes, for the rent i am paying i am willing to give it a whirl for awhile.

Now i must wait however for the cursed telkom to install my ADSL line.......................and W&J thought they had got rid of me HA HA. Yes WoW is an addiction i realise this. Speaking of WoW i changed tack back to Aurelie last night to as i am growing tired with my Hunter. He as a very simple approach to combat. 1. Send in Pet 2. Hit with DOT sting 3. Hit with aimed shot (probably get a crit) 4. Continue to wail on mob with arcane & concusive shots (With more crits probably) 5. Loot corpse. Wash, rinse and repeat. Of course the warlock might turn out to be the same. More with spell wailage though.

In sports news.
It is time once again to see the signature jump of Michael Schumacher on the podium. After taking pole position for the San Marino GP he succesfully converted it into a win. Is the the world No. 1 back.

In Survivor news.
Not really sure why they blatted magicians assistant as at least she can hold her own in the challenges. Not like nature boy who could not even get up a ladder. I know i am not there and have no clue how he is feeling at the moment, but still early game and you blat someone who is good in the challenges, where you can win food, so really who cares if they don't work at camp and anyway what does the nature boy do anyway.

Off to save Rook from dastardy torture and devourings (and maybe some ironing)*

*Spell chequer is broken so plz excuse the bad spelling and typos


At Tuesday, May 02, 2006, Blogger zenstar said...

why the magician's assistant?
as you say: nature boy couldn't even climb a simple ladder.
at this point they should be voting off the weak so that they can win more challenges before the merge (and won't need to vote off more people).
plus the magician's assistant was a cutie.

as for wow: the warlock is quite fun (and i'm playing on a severely broken, neutered server) especially if you partner with a fighter.

some day i'll get a UK WOW account and play the real thing *sigh*

At Tuesday, May 02, 2006, Blogger evo.llusion said...

I am soldiering on with my warlock. Waynne saw one running around with an infernal and it just look soooooooo cool. So now i want one. Did a revamp on the skills and professions too.

Yes come join us on a non neutered server. There is much fun to be had. Turns out we may be able to use our credit cards from here to which will make life much easier.


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