Wednesday, April 26, 2006


What to write, what to write........................

Sometimes blogging feels a bit like a gigapet or something. If you don't update it then your consciuos starts going at you. 'Feed the blog, feed the blog'

My relocation got a little delayed on Saturday as I attended a funeral in the morning. Needless to say after that i was not really in the mood to relocate. However as it only took me half and hour i decided to get it out of the way. So i am no installed in my new shoebox with pencil case kitchen. It is quite an adjustment, first from having the run of W&J place to this and also i am not sure about living in someone's back garden. Strikes me as odd. The family is very nice and have offered all assistance above and beyond the call of duty. I guess they are used to having students (who happen to be friends of their daughter) living there and seem to have taken the same tack with me. We shall see how it goes, for the rent i am paying i am willing to give it a whirl for awhile.

Now i must wait however for the cursed telkom to install my ADSL line.......................and W&J thought they had got rid of me HA HA. Yes WoW is an addiction i realise this. Speaking of WoW i changed tack back to Aurelie last night to as i am growing tired with my Hunter. He as a very simple approach to combat. 1. Send in Pet 2. Hit with DOT sting 3. Hit with aimed shot (probably get a crit) 4. Continue to wail on mob with arcane & concusive shots (With more crits probably) 5. Loot corpse. Wash, rinse and repeat. Of course the warlock might turn out to be the same. More with spell wailage though.

In sports news.
It is time once again to see the signature jump of Michael Schumacher on the podium. After taking pole position for the San Marino GP he succesfully converted it into a win. Is the the world No. 1 back.

In Survivor news.
Not really sure why they blatted magicians assistant as at least she can hold her own in the challenges. Not like nature boy who could not even get up a ladder. I know i am not there and have no clue how he is feeling at the moment, but still early game and you blat someone who is good in the challenges, where you can win food, so really who cares if they don't work at camp and anyway what does the nature boy do anyway.

Off to save Rook from dastardy torture and devourings (and maybe some ironing)*

*Spell chequer is broken so plz excuse the bad spelling and typos

Friday, April 21, 2006


Rain + cold + bike + advanced fabric running shoes


cold feet................

Have a nice weekend everyone =)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Weekend

Seems that we have had a very lucky easter weekend this time round. With about half of the road deaths as last year. Kudos, although the number is still too high in my opinion. 1 is too high.

However I am curious , such a big deal is made about the easter weekend (traditionally a bad one), but does anyone know how many people are killed on say the second weekend in September. I say concentrate on keeping safety at max all year round and Easter will follow suit.

I will survive*

I have been pretty much in hibernation these last few weeks, even though it is still autumn. Decided to get a head start. I have finished off S7 of Buffy and even ventured into the realm that is Angel (kicked puppy) and now i must get the other seasons.

Watched a few other DVD's too, finally got to watch Hero. Strange movie, but very pretty. I was not expecting the English though.
Watched the Bourne & Mummy sets again and Dune (still a classic) "Father, Father the sleeper has awakened" great stuff. On Tuesday i decided to see if there was anything worth watching in TV again and lo and behold there is Survivor Guatemala or some desolate island/tropical jungle. So settled in to watch, after having had a good break from it by not watching the last two seasons. I only have one thing to say "Men are wimps"*

I am starting to get the shakes from lack of WoW though. It has been like 3 weeks since my last fix and it is starting to tell. Hopefully recharge cards will arrive soon and i can have something to talk about again.

In more real world news I should be relocating from the Human Jean Biosphere this weekend to my new shoebox in Rondies.....Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't post anything about the series that has not yet been on TV. I don't want a repeat of the Gareth "Star idiot" Cliff balls up.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Etu Brute

Curses on my fragile squishy tangle of pink nerve endings and tissues that is my brain. It has betrayed me, my closest ally and it has turned on me. It didn't bloody tell me sooner that my WoW account was about to expire. I logged in last night with somewhat feral anticipation only to find this awaiting me "Your account has expired............................."

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thousand yard stare

Long time no post. I have just finished a extra long week of meetings with my client and boss from London. 3 hour meetings are just not cool and I think I am suffering PTS at the moment. I have like a ziggurat of work to get through now as a result and no energy to get through it. *sigh* Is this what it is all about. On the up side everyone seems very happy with the way things have been going and how the week went. =) And got to eat at Topsie Venter's place in Franschhoek, wow, very nice. SABoss got himself some Black pepper jelly which is most exquisite. Then I was forced I tell you forced to have one of the best Karoo lamb shank ever at the Blue Danube. It was difficult but I survived and the yesterday of course finished of with the best calamari in Cape Town at Miller's Thumb. Ya all are allowed to disagree with the last statement if you like, but till you take me somewhere better it stays =). I will try Pan Jack again someday just to be sure. Shouldn't really complain then hay............................even though three of the meetings where SNAFU's with no show consultants and me getting dates and times wrong.

On the lighter side. Start Buffy S7 soon having just finish S6 last night. Now we are into misery untold again. Reckon it starts right about "Seeing Red" and it is all downhill from there. Mmmmmmmmhhhh goodie Easter should be fun KFC, Butlers and Buffy or Angel if I have already finished Buffy. Fine I know I have and addictive streak, at least it is cheaper than heroine. Perhaps I should feed my other addiction for awhile and get Kitsune up a level or two or ten. Still got four to go before I tie with Bellus and I seem to have run out of quests at the moment.

Yet I have a shiny new cordless trackman wheel optical superduper three button fragalistic trackman to assist me in slayage (Oh god I did not just say that did I, someone please help me) Must join the gym soonest to do some else and semi social. Although swimming probably not big in team sport arena. Anyway must work do some I must otherwise I really will get fired. First a drawings list a very very very good place to start Doh Re Me So Fa La Ti Doh...................................