Wednesday, March 15, 2006

50....3 Delayed

Someone asked the other night what Herbies's number was or is (as they made a new and up to date one). For some reason 53 popped into my head a micron after the query was made. Turns out i was right. Yay!!!!!! Decided to store it here for reference.

Other arb' crap: PS3 delayed till november, thus giving Xbox a entire year to gobble up market share. Ballsy move....stupid but ballsy. It has something to do with their blue-ray technology and of course the ever present 'Though shalt not steal our stuff' copy right goodies. That was for the geeks amongst us and for the bean counters it means that sony has lost 1.8% on their share price. Lets just hope that there are no more gremlins, otherwise Xmas 2006 may be a disappointment for some.


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