Thursday, March 16, 2006


After speeding down to Computer Mania on long street this afternoon and grabbing a shiny new USB external harddrive case. I took a more leasurely stroll back up long street. Having not been down it lately, the festival didn't count cause we were quite high up.

What a great street......

Lots of new developement going on, but the oldies still there. Some with face lifts. We really do stay in a great part of the world. The vibe at lunch time is even cool. I mean where else in can you have a boutique hotel called Daddy long legs (the website has jumping sheep =)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

50....3 Delayed

Someone asked the other night what Herbies's number was or is (as they made a new and up to date one). For some reason 53 popped into my head a micron after the query was made. Turns out i was right. Yay!!!!!! Decided to store it here for reference.

Other arb' crap: PS3 delayed till november, thus giving Xbox a entire year to gobble up market share. Ballsy move....stupid but ballsy. It has something to do with their blue-ray technology and of course the ever present 'Though shalt not steal our stuff' copy right goodies. That was for the geeks amongst us and for the bean counters it means that sony has lost 1.8% on their share price. Lets just hope that there are no more gremlins, otherwise Xmas 2006 may be a disappointment for some.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Help me.......................

Hiya, quick question.

I would like to know if getting a laptop with a Celeron M370 1.5Ghz processor will be a step backwards fro the one i know have. Which is just a plain Celeron 2.8Ghz. So if anyone reads this and can answer without using big words i would very much be liking you. =)


Friday, March 10, 2006

Sigh......................head broken

I am unable to maintain any thought in my head for more than 5 seconds these days. I blame Warcraft or the fact that the sun filled days that become to me from the otherside of my window are just to good to resist. This is not helped in the slightest by all the backpackers and visitors to our city walking past merely on their way to do fun outdoor things.

My lodgings have been modified by about 10m to what is called the sun room I believe. I have always had a fascination of sleeping with more glass than brick around me. When staying in Disa towers leaving the curtains open was awesome, kinda feels like you are sleeping outside. The four legged furries have found out about me though. This makes me very popular in the mornings, pre snack time that is. The usual attitude of "now I have been fed leave me be" follows shortly there after.

Random stuff for the day: I had a conversation with somebody call Zhulan Ping the other day as my Skype account is open to the vastness that is the web. Apparently Ping has a mate called Jim and thought it might be me. China is good, I am told.

and......................... I hooted a Debora Patta this morning. My office is in a one way street and the number of people who go the wrong way is HUGE. I saw a car in front of me about to do this and hooted, then indicated in international motorbike sign language that it was a one way. Having a crash helmet on limits facial expression. Of course she ignored me as she was in fact pulling into the guest house next door. As it turns out when she got out of the car it was Debora herself. Awkward moment naturally, but we handled it well by pretending everything was invisible.

Have a good weekend all =)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Agradezca a dios que es viernes

Yay !!!!!!!!! friday roll on weekend. Rugby and beer or WoW till my eyeballs fall out, either way all good.

Supposed to be sunny and 30 degrees so it should be a good one.

Eat your vegetables and wear sun screen. Have a good one. =)

Your word of the day:
LATHI - club consisting of a heavy stick (often bamboo) bound with iron; used by police in India

(just in case you are ever asked)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Money for nothing and your guns for free!!!

As i am prone to giving everyone else a hard time about updating their blogs i thought that perhaps i should do something about mine.

Not alot to report other than I AM HOME YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What i did think would be fun to just put out there is this. I went into the bank today (power failures seem to make the queues longer), anyway, this guys walks past me wearing a city bowl security golf shirt and the usual ensamble of combat boots and black cargo pants. Now i am pretty sure that if i tried hard enough i could get a black golf shirt that says city bowl security and some black cargo pants, I already have the combat boots, together. You may at this stage be wondering what the point of my rant is. Well the guys was armed, regular 9mm Barretta issue. Is it just me or is it a little odd to say you can't use cell phones in a bank, but you can come in with a fire arm and before you say "well maybe he was there on duty" he wasn't. Stood in the queue and deposited his cheque like the rest of us.

More later.....................