Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trains VS. Traffic

Single digits......

On the first day of single digits.....................................................

May as well start with something everyone has to deal with everyday. Trains for me and traffic for some. This is more of a con vs con, but i though it must be noted anyway.

Train con: I don't dislike trains per say, but i can't stand rush hour, i am not and never want to be a sardine (they are small, smell and dress funny, also no fun at parties i here.) What i have also found very difficult to adjust to having to rely on the trains all the time. From having a car at my disposal 24/7 for many many years it has been rough not having one. Of course one has to mention that trains/tubes are often broken for various reasons. Leaves on the track, snow on the tracks, trespassers on the tracks, no trains on the tracks, other trains on the tracks. My sister had fun yesterday with trains not stopping at her station and the ones that did went straight past our station. Last but not least they stop running at for about 6 hours every night.*

Train pro: Trips on trains are fun. They have a kinda old worldy luxury feel to them (Not talking city tubes). You can read on the train. I have seen some people reading in traffic, but i don't think i this is wise. You can do work on trains, laptops, PDA's & blackberries etc. The train and tube network in London is extensive and with little difficulty you can get anywhere. You can go out and have a right lash up of an evening and you don't have to drive or have designated drivers to get you home. Watching people's facing who are running for trains they don't make is very entertaining in the mornings.*

Traffic con: Again rush hour sucks. You can have and accident, this is a lot worse than having you toe stood on in the train. For some of us on bikes (like me =) this can be a lot worse. No taxis on the trains, the occasional "please can you give me some money" but no taxis. Fumes and noise. Yet the diesel trains are pretty much the same here. petrol, here you buy a ticket once a month and your sorted mostly and you gotta maintain the vehicle and insure it. Heavy nights out become challenging if no one wants to drive.*

Traffic pro: One word FREEDOM. You can go anywhere, anytime as you like. Alone or with mates if you want and anyone in the car is there because you want them to be, not because they have to get to work too and the last space left on the train was the running strip by the door. This is the same running strip you are occupying. If you want to go to work at 4am you can. When you do this it is almost guaranteed you don't get to your car and find that it is late because some pillock was on the road a thousand miles away. Your car can't be late, although it can stall or not go if you did not adhere to one or to of the cons above. You can stay out till 2 in the morning and not have to get onto a scary night bus or wait for the first tube in the freezing cold. Although this can be fun sometime, not always. Bikes look cool, tubes don't =)*

More later....................................................

* These are purly personal opinions


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