Monday, February 06, 2006

On the 3rd, 4th & 5th day of single digits

Kinda skipped ahead a bit here =)

Broadband wins hands down here i fear. They are currently advertising 64Mb lines here at like
£ 25 a month and a few of those are unlimited access. Can you imagine 64Mb. At that speed you don't have to download the movies, you simply watch them online. So that is a big PRO. I am not going to harp on about Telkom, because well all know the evil that is them. Even the little guy in the mud hut southwest of Machu Pichu knows this.

The weekend end was fabulous. Went out with my sister, Pinkthulhu, Bumpycat and bigHair on Friday night for some farewell fun. Salvador & Amanda was very cool, great atmosphere if a little loud =) and the Sangria was muy bueno!!!!!. Off to slightly quieter spot for another round of drinks.

Saturday night was an evening in with me cooking. Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhh flee for your lives. All in all not tho bad though. The beef in the stirfry was too tough, but will work on the for the future. Baked mushrooms with cheese and nuts on top were a great hit though. Even if i do say so myself. They need refining though, maybe a hint of garlic next time or an olive or two.

Sunday was off to Windsor for Sundayay roast. Windsor is very nice even if it is a million miles away. A pox on Southwest trains though. Their bastard website failed to mention that due to engineering works on the lines there were no trains to Windsor. 1 Hour on a bus is icky i tell you. Of course we managed fine just would have been nice to know =(

Tonight i raid Virgin Megastore's £30 for 5 DVD sale yet again and a CD wallet cause it not all going to fit

A WoW update is that i am very impressed with the in game GM's. i have made my first report on dobehavioriour and their response seems to have been immediate and effective. We had a racist retard jump on the realm Saturday and he was gone shortly there after. Hopefully banned from all MMORPG for the rest of his natural life and should that be extended for some reason then beyond too. A pox on him too.

Last 3 days in the office and last 4 in the country. >=)))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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