Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Legal 101

It appears that Google is yet again making headlines this time round by delisting BMW's German website. As they have been using "deceptive means to boost ranking", so google says. More here !!

And in more news just to make you sick. Michael Schumacher has declared himself unemployed in his adopted country of Switzerland. Apparently they have a ban on motor racing for some reason and her cannot train or race there. This does of course afford him a almost 15% reduction in the TAX he has to pay on his villa in said country. Man it is just not fair. The man gets paid £45mil a year to do one of the coolest jobs on the face of the planet and still gets a tax reduction, plus gets to live in Switzerland. Anyone else thinks this sucks...........

Back to the Pros vs Cons. This one is a no brainer i fear. Product,merchandisee, loot or stuff whatever you want to call it. It is here and it is affordable and most of it is available online with no charge to get it right to your door.

Travel, again a no brainer. If you want to explore the world there is no other place to do it from.

Last day in the office tomorrow !!!!


At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've been reading the Metro I see... :)


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