Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Midweek report

Weather: Cold and rainy.
Me: Sick

I feel very sorry for new mums and dads here. The amount of mittens, booties that you see lying around is quite troubling. Always neatly placed where they can be found. Presumably by some concerned citizen in the vain hopes that people will come looking for them. Knowing Murphy and his devious ways it will always be the left or the right that gets lost. So you can't even get some trendy new look going by mixing it up a little.

Finally got to watch Narnia on friday last. Other than the some kiddieness of it and the annoying use of the blue screen (which seem to now be green anyway) in places that i thought was a little unnecessary i thought it a very good movie. Not having read the book made it all the more enjoyable as i had no idea what was going to happen. I see that the poster are up already for Da Vinci code. Xmen seems to be on the Horizon too.

My usual i am lame and play Warcraft too much update: Having finally dumped a whole bunch of green quest from my Druid i can now concentrate on getting him up a few levels. Although there is still a huge amount of trudging up and down darkshore that is getting a might tiresome. I am actually thinking of starting again on the path that is druid. Although it would seem such a waste to just dropped this one. I have made several mistakes along the way and of course this has cost time and money. Having put these thoughts out of my mind as they are to much to think about, i now have a gnome mage running around on a completely new server as both Turalyon and Khadgar are having ques at the moment. I also fast coming to the conclusion that druids where never intended to be played solo.


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