Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Home stretch =))

Well, i seem to remember plugging something along these lines on one of my previous blogs. Only 10 days left in country and i am massively looking forward to coming home. I have thought just for fun i will draw up a list of pros and cons about coming home.

But before that happens and in other news. Went to go watch Underworld: Evolution on Friday last and i must say just this, meh!! Not all that impressed. It was almost a soap opera with werewolves and vamps. Some nice butt kicking action scenes and the like, but otherwise the first one in my opinion the first one was better. =) This one had more colour in it.

My guild in WoW seems to be hovering around 20 souls and holding which is good. We have some keepers though that seem happy with it. I need to get a move on which my warlock though as i am falling behind certain other characters (who will simply call Bellus for now) and low levels suck anyway.

Palm arrived last night and i must curse all electronics companies to the depths of something nasty. Why do we always have to charge the damn things for a gabillions hours when the packet is first opened. This sucks, new toys are to be played with and not sit charging forever. =(

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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