Friday, January 06, 2006

Forgotten Trees

It appears that Christmas is officially over and it seems that people are very serious about the 6 January rule.

The pavements on my way to work are lined with the poor old Christmas trees that have served their purpose. Even the ones that have already been taken away have left a sad reminder of their time with us. Little leaves drop every so often up and down the pavements.

In other news tickets are booked for flight home (big grin), or should i say ticket as i will only be getting one.Going via Frankfurt, but not a very long stop over. I will most likely have to hall arse to get to my other plane on time. Marginally worried about my bags not making into the flight in time, but them hey who cares. I will have the important stuff on my person and i still get to go home. (another big grin)

Have a good weekend end to anyone who decides to read this and see some of you in February.


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