Friday, January 27, 2006

Access Granted

I was soundly slagged off yesterday (no names mentioned) that i can't even maintain one blog properly and why have a i started up a new one. For the unaware out there i have started a guild on Warcraft and as a result i have started a blog for the guild. SO i decided to post something today. Of course i have no idea what to say, nothing much has actually happend recently to report on.

We had a good game of Feng Shui last night and with Pinkthulhu's rolling and mine it made for a interesting game. I think between the two of us we managed to open end on about 6 rolls. You may be saying to yourself what is this nutter talking about open ending is good, well yes on the positive dice it is.........

Tonight is the trains are on time and my luck holds i should just make the 19h10 show of Underworld: Evolution or maybe not and then home for some serious quest clearing and levelling in WoW. I am the damn guild leader and almost the lowest level. I keep runnning back to the low lvl areas to recruit new guys =)

I have come realise that even though there is huge amounts of crap on the internet it is still great to have 24/7 access. Cause i learnt that today is Mozarts birthday. Happy birthday !!
All thanks to Google (sell outs), but you don't even have to trawl the net to find this out. All good.

On a toys note: My Palm Tungsten E2 is on its way. Zang

Only 9 days left at work (counting this one), 14 days left in country and two weekends to blow out.

Have a smashing weekend beans and beanies, looking forward to seeing you guys in Feb.


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