Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Home stretch =))

Well, i seem to remember plugging something along these lines on one of my previous blogs. Only 10 days left in country and i am massively looking forward to coming home. I have thought just for fun i will draw up a list of pros and cons about coming home.

But before that happens and in other news. Went to go watch Underworld: Evolution on Friday last and i must say just this, meh!! Not all that impressed. It was almost a soap opera with werewolves and vamps. Some nice butt kicking action scenes and the like, but otherwise the first one in my opinion the first one was better. =) This one had more colour in it.

My guild in WoW seems to be hovering around 20 souls and holding which is good. We have some keepers though that seem happy with it. I need to get a move on which my warlock though as i am falling behind certain other characters (who will simply call Bellus for now) and low levels suck anyway.

Palm arrived last night and i must curse all electronics companies to the depths of something nasty. Why do we always have to charge the damn things for a gabillions hours when the packet is first opened. This sucks, new toys are to be played with and not sit charging forever. =(

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006


looks like fun. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach

Access Granted

I was soundly slagged off yesterday (no names mentioned) that i can't even maintain one blog properly and why have a i started up a new one. For the unaware out there i have started a guild on Warcraft and as a result i have started a blog for the guild. SO i decided to post something today. Of course i have no idea what to say, nothing much has actually happend recently to report on.

We had a good game of Feng Shui last night and with Pinkthulhu's rolling and mine it made for a interesting game. I think between the two of us we managed to open end on about 6 rolls. You may be saying to yourself what is this nutter talking about open ending is good, well yes on the positive dice it is.........

Tonight is the trains are on time and my luck holds i should just make the 19h10 show of Underworld: Evolution or maybe not and then home for some serious quest clearing and levelling in WoW. I am the damn guild leader and almost the lowest level. I keep runnning back to the low lvl areas to recruit new guys =)

I have come realise that even though there is huge amounts of crap on the internet it is still great to have 24/7 access. Cause i learnt that today is Mozarts birthday. Happy birthday !!
All thanks to Google (sell outs), but you don't even have to trawl the net to find this out. All good.

On a toys note: My Palm Tungsten E2 is on its way. Zang

Only 9 days left at work (counting this one), 14 days left in country and two weekends to blow out.

Have a smashing weekend beans and beanies, looking forward to seeing you guys in Feb.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google Caves

Google has bowed done before the mighty sleeping dragon.

I was just wondering how they control Warcraft in China? I mean it is one huge chat channel after all with some added advantage off laying waste to local animal populations.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Anyone for a swim...... Posted by Picasa

There is a certain amount of beauty to the whole thing though =) Posted by Picasa

I don't think the de-icer spray is going to work!!!!! Posted by Picasa

I was sent this by one of our clients today. I think perhaps i should stop moaning about UK winters. This was taken in a town near Geneva called Versoix. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wolf guarding sheep - WTF !!!!

This has been in the headlines and on all the radio stations today. I ask why is this only being legislated now.

Sex offenders banned from schools

All time favourites

In honour of our heating system in the office being up the pole, here is one of my all time favourite jokes....

"Dad are you sure that i am a polar bear?"
"Yes son of course you are"
"How sure?"
"Very sure"
"I am not sure are you very very sure"
"Yes son very, why all the questions"
"Cause i am bloody cold"


More more more more !!!!!!!!!!!

Reading only one sluggy strip a day is not enough, i must have more.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Got to play my new Ipod speakers last night. They are so cool that words fail me. With only four speakers about the size of a R2 coin they are capable of putting out better sound than the set of speakers we have that includes a subwoofer. Capable of running of mains or batteries with no difference in sound volume or quality and it charges the ipod when it is in the dock.

Cool cool cool cool.

On the dinner out side, GBK rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Spilt milk and Ipod speakers

No use crying over spilt milk they say, in my case literally. Managed to casually throw one of the office milk bottles onto the floor. Suck!!!

But i did get a spiffy new set of portable Ipod speakers for my birthday wooo hooooo they are really nice and shiny. I did not get to play with them yet as i had to leave for work, but tonight wimbledon shall rock to the tunes of ME!!

This will all have to wait till after GBK burgers tonight, zang, one just opened in Wombletown and it must be tried at all costs. Indigestion included.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Jumping Jelly beans

I completely forgot about Pitch Black !!!!!! (knew i was forgetting something)

What a way !!!!

G'N'F'R - Sweet child of mine at full tilt. Good way to end the day =)

Why so early!!

Met one of the directors while i was walking in this morning. He was wondering why i am so early. My reply: I am always this early, i hate full tubes. Like there is another reason, sheesh!!

Monstrous weekend of WarCraft, i fear that i may have an addiction. Jump 10 lvls with my hunter, joined a guild, met some new people and chatted to so friends. All good. 'Cept for this conversation, little worrying.

"Talk dirty to me or i will play music"
".........piss off"
"Awww come on or i play it"
"Get lost i am 12 years old"

This is of course was followed by a fair amount of ROFL and LOL's. Kudos to the 12 year (unless they where just fooling around) handle it pretty well i reckon.

Also got to see Jarhead on Saturday.............mmmmhhhh. Pretty pictures, disturbing movie, nuff said.

Recently added to my ever growing DVD collection:
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Dune (Original David Lynch one!!)

Music: Mind's Eye - Wolfmother.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Wow, that took awhile to sort out. Guess it would help if i actually new what the hell i was doing in HTML instead of just copying what is there.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today. (Not that she will see this but it's the thought hey)

Friday, January 13, 2006


Weeeeell, it turns out that perhaps my blog was not deleted as previously thought or at least the account is still active. Hence the reason when i tried to register it again it was taken. I have moved some of the other blogs post for your viewing convenience

Blog has a new home and a new name in the spirit of 2006 and all.

The heating was off in the office for most of the morning and i think it has been my most productive day since they switched it on. I really dislike it!! By the time the afternoon rolls around i feel like going to sleep at my desk. Of course all the windows are closed too.

Thinking of heading out to watch Jarhead this weekend sometime. Critics are saying the it is a cinematic master piece, but the story is disjointed. Well shall see and report back.

Have a good weekend all =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Midweek report

Weather: Cold and rainy.
Me: Sick

I feel very sorry for new mums and dads here. The amount of mittens, booties that you see lying around is quite troubling. Always neatly placed where they can be found. Presumably by some concerned citizen in the vain hopes that people will come looking for them. Knowing Murphy and his devious ways it will always be the left or the right that gets lost. So you can't even get some trendy new look going by mixing it up a little.

Finally got to watch Narnia on friday last. Other than the some kiddieness of it and the annoying use of the blue screen (which seem to now be green anyway) in places that i thought was a little unnecessary i thought it a very good movie. Not having read the book made it all the more enjoyable as i had no idea what was going to happen. I see that the poster are up already for Da Vinci code. Xmen seems to be on the Horizon too.

My usual i am lame and play Warcraft too much update: Having finally dumped a whole bunch of green quest from my Druid i can now concentrate on getting him up a few levels. Although there is still a huge amount of trudging up and down darkshore that is getting a might tiresome. I am actually thinking of starting again on the path that is druid. Although it would seem such a waste to just dropped this one. I have made several mistakes along the way and of course this has cost time and money. Having put these thoughts out of my mind as they are to much to think about, i now have a gnome mage running around on a completely new server as both Turalyon and Khadgar are having ques at the moment. I also fast coming to the conclusion that druids where never intended to be played solo.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Forgotten Trees

It appears that Christmas is officially over and it seems that people are very serious about the 6 January rule.

The pavements on my way to work are lined with the poor old Christmas trees that have served their purpose. Even the ones that have already been taken away have left a sad reminder of their time with us. Little leaves drop every so often up and down the pavements.

In other news tickets are booked for flight home (big grin), or should i say ticket as i will only be getting one.Going via Frankfurt, but not a very long stop over. I will most likely have to hall arse to get to my other plane on time. Marginally worried about my bags not making into the flight in time, but them hey who cares. I will have the important stuff on my person and i still get to go home. (another big grin)

Have a good weekend end to anyone who decides to read this and see some of you in February.