Friday, December 23, 2005

Schweet last Day

It feels like the last day of school used to feel. Maybe that is because it is a more formal office than i am used to. Feels a bit like school anyway, only difference is i get paid here.

Read an article in the Metro this morning. I have been religiously avoiding it at the moment because other than one or two quirky stories the rest have all been about murder and violence and the 24 hour pub rule. Blah not happy morning reading. But today even though it is in a depressing article i read something that i thought was wrong "When Mansha's flat was raided police found a blank firing gun converted to shoot live rounds as well as DVDs containing anti western propoganda......" Does my grammar suck that badly or does it sound like the gun was converted to fire DVD's !!?

The tea spoon article was kinda cute =)



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