Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Go long on Snow

I have about as much motivation to work as a drugged up marshmellow. I think coming back from SA and then one week of work was a silly idea to say the least. With nobody going to look at the revised drawings till January why bother.

Much looking forward to our Scotland Xmas trip. 2:7 chance of snow i am told. Still having trouble resolving how they work out there odds though. Apparently the bookies are playing it very safe on the gambling side of things, because to qualify for a white Christmas only a single snow flake needs to fall on the metrological centre in London and bang they have to pay out. I think it is sitting at 1:4 fo London. Whether or not this is the CHANCE of it snowing or the bookie ODDS is still to be contested. (Mainly by me =)

Gourmet burgers tonight, should be good.


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