Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have run away

Monday, October 23, 2006

Blueberries and fast cars

Blog forgive me for i have not posted in awhile it has been a long time since my last post.

I bought a new car yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Well not new, but new for me) Its Bloo. I am very chuffed, of course now i really need to sell the bike, cause i owe money on the car. It never stops.
I may or may not post a picture of the new wheels. I have been promising to put up photies of my flat and we call all see how that is going....

In other news the car is very fortuitous and welcome as i got clipped again on my bike the other day. Manage to keep it off the tarmac this time round. Still have a blue foot sadly. I think there are prolly some fracture bones in there, but there is not much that they can do about it other than take xrays and charge me a fortune. Anyway i was ice-skating on Sunday and there seems to be no side effects. 'Cept the blister in the other foot. Skating was great fun though and not nearly as pricey as i thought it was going to be and must be repeated. Although perhaps we should not go to the club session.

We are escaping Cape Town in 2 weekends time. Heading off to Arniston for bit of R&R. Which is guaranteed as there is pretty much nothing else to do there other than relax. Yay i get to take my new car =)))))))

Other than that nothing much else has been happening. Oh yes I am a trustee on my body corporate now. Not sure how that happened, last time i go to a AGM.

Off to fetch drawings and some food.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Suffer the Honda Civic

The world hates me =(

I am selling my bike to buy a car, i want to buy a car, i have always wanted a Civic 3-door and the rotting sods have put one in full view to taunt me everyday. The loons want 80000 rand for it which is so far beyond my budget that it could be said to be in another galaxy almost. The fates give you a cool flat with one and then dangle, DANGLE i tell you, a Civic with the other. Bastards.

Made level 40 finally and have not played since....mmmmhhhhhh i wonder.

I also watched Lord of War and Syriana over the weekend. Lord of war was kinda cool and i am not sure i fully understood Syriana so i can't really comment.

Anyway i feel feint and need food.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Have stove, will call butlers o.O

I might just be growing up (NEVER). I am now the proud owner of a washing machine. I console myself with the fact that i have no idea how to use it. The stove is marginally less intimidating and i managed to boil some potatoes last night and actually eat them (they tasted quite good.)

There is more to this growing up phenomena though. I am selling my bike =( because i am starting to feel that it is less than practical. I also don't want to die, what with the traffic getting worse by the day. People thinking that the "It is illegal to operate you cellphone while driving law" is optional and just generally not paying any attention to anyone else on the roads. Maybe they don't realize that a fender bender for me is broken bones (yes i have said that before). Well anyway the bike is being serviced and will soon be on the market.

To add to my shame i wore combat boots the other day, not for street cred or to make a statement or any of those highly acceptable reasons, but because i was on site and those are the only shoes that handle 1 foot of soft clay very well.

Oh well guess it just has to be.....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Not again !!!

I am really wondering why i do these things anymore. I either get some wimpish angel or a mermaid. I should probably stop posting them too.

Go ahead.

Let the mocking begin....


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